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Store allows kid to use their internet and tablet to do this homework

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This kid does not have internet at home, so an electronics store allows him to use their tablets and internet to do his homework. Someone filmed this experience and shared the video on social media. Many people were touched to learn that the employees at this store allowed him to use the company facilities and offered to help.

The 10-year-old student has been identified as Guilherme from Recife, Brazil. Guilherme comes from a low-income neighbourhood where residents and schools lack tablets and internet facilities.

Guilherme was initially working on a mobile phone when an employee at a Samsung store spotted him and asked him what he was doing. Once the employee learned that Guilherme was using a mobile to do his homework; he invited Guilherme inside to use the store’s facilities.

Since the video has been shared on social media; Samsung has donated him a tablet to do his homework at home.


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