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The George Hawkins Space Camper Book Series

“It is not what you look at that matters, it is what you see when you look.” HD Thoreau

This children’s books series is written for 3rd grade thru adult audience. The books are about the strength and hope inside each of us. Where good can overcome evil when we work together.

This message is woven through the stories in a high energy and high adventure way that leads the reader to say “that could happen, it could be real?”

The book series is about three boys and three girls who go to summer camp in space. There is high adventure at summer space camp on Ganymede moon of Jupiter for our intrepid team of young campers.

There are mysteries to solve, aliens to meet, rules to break and voyages across the galaxies as our six summer campers grow into a team and change the lives of all those around them.

Change is good and one person, one team can change our perception of the world around us.

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When George Hawkins thinks of summer vacation, he thinks of one endless boring camp after the next. This year would be different, though. George’s birthday and the beginning of summer vacation were the same day! Never had he thought of summer camp in space on faraway space stations filled with cadets and danger from the Zeleion race.

He had never dreamed he would be going to a summer camp in space on a faraway station filled with summer campers like himself. His mom rambled on about her first camp that morning and all George heard was “blah blah this and blah blah that.” Now at Jupiter station on Ganymede moon, he wished he had paid better attention.

Join George and his team on their 2nd rotation at the wildest summer camp in the galaxy!

George Hawkins is the leader of a team of cadets at summer camp far out in space at Jupiter station on Ganymede moon. On the run from a Zeleion meteor attack, they land on the Thorean cadet’s space station – Indus station on the second moon of Zalhala.

A silent attack by the Mahadean slave traders on Indus station sends George and the other cadets racing across the galaxy to rescue the Thorean cadets – with the Galactic Union rescue starships two days behind.

Join George and his team on the wildest space camp adventure yet! George is an average boy, like any other tenth grade boy you might see at High School, except he had one gigantic secret. He spends summer vacation at camp in the stars.

During his teams last summer vacation, they narrowly escaped the clutches of an ancient evil being. Now the ancient evil has found George Hawkins and his team on Earth. The Galactic Council and the Viceroys want to hide the team from evils sight. But George and his team have different plans – to ‘Hide in Plain Sight’!

George and his team returned to space for their fourth rotation against the orders of the Galactic council. While their cleverness in returning to space impressed the Galactic council, Pete, their captain, was not happy and promised to make their rotation meaningful or grueling, depending on your point of view.

However, only days after their return to Asteria station, George and his team were captured by evil and taken to the one place they couldn’t be. Evil ruled supreme on Sandue and they were unwelcome visitors. Their escape nearly cost the life of one who had watched over them for the last three rotations, now the team had to set things right.

George’s senior year in High School was winding down. On a Friday afternoon in the spring, the evil that hunts George and his team found him. In disguise, Lugidian officers take George and Andy from Earth. Emily watched the entire raid and called for help with Chen Lo.

Niels was sent to help Emily to end Chen Lo, however, the Lugidian traced the energy and captured their triad teams. Emily escaped, however not before watching Niels get beaten in front of her. On the Lugidian ship, George and Andy escape and rescue their triad.

As new officers, their rotation starts on the Galactic Union council station, yet, evil sends them far across the universe to train with evils minions. The triad escapes from evil in a tiny fighter. Crossing the great void, they run out of fuel. Now adrift, the fighter is salvaged by the Ugakii. The triad trades their skills for safe passage to Celestian however, there is a price to pay…

Each book in the series builds on its predecessor with good triumphing over evil. As six young summer campers find that courage and team work can overcome fear and evil.

These books grow with optimism and hope for the future, intertwined with adventure and mystery. The latter books do not get ‘dark and scary’ as the six intrepid young campers grow older. Instead, the adventures change as they discover true friendship can help them through the twists and turns of life.

As the reader reads the book series, there are things that are handy to know. First, most of the galaxies in our universe, who have mastered space travel, have joined the Galactic Union however some have not joined.

If they have not joined then they are often at the mercy of raiders and space bandits. The Galactic Union also protects those known planets that are on the verge of space travel.

All your camper cadets learn to recite the following saying. It has saved many when they feel they have lost their way or feel weak and hopeless.

“Peace is our path, it unites all beings”

“Courage is our character, it joins us as one”

“Harmony is our nature, it connects us to the Universe”

“Strength is our will, it protects us all”

“Four parts come together to heal the fear of the past and present”

“To start anew with Peace, Courage, Harmony and Strength”

The characters in the book series come from across planet Earth. Each person brings their customs and experiences to build the strength of each team.

Rediscover your imagination and jump into the adventures of George and his team.

Lee Bissonnette_OnlineHarbour_George Hawkins Book Series profile

Lee Bissonnette

Author – The George Hawkins Space Camper Book Series

By schooling, Lee is a Mechanical engineer. Lee has a Bachelors in Mechanical engineering, a minor in Chemical engineering, Masters work in Industrial engineering, Master of Business Administration (MBA) and 16 U.S.A. technical patents.

Lee started her engineering career when women in engineering weren’t always accepted in the engineering field. Over the last 40 years, Lee has met and worked with people and colleagues from all over our planet.

When Lee was young, her family and those who are important in her life influenced her strength and courage that she could become anything she wanted, even if it wasn’t an accepted career for a woman at that time.

Now, the people that she has met and the jobs she has held influence the person that she is today.

As a wife and mom, Lee started writing during the evenings just after 9/11. She wanted her own children and other kids to know that by working together we can change the world in a good way. That we all can chose a positive path each day and make a difference.

Her own children didn’t always listen to these words when she said them, however, when she wrote the books, her children saw the words in action and knew they could learn to have courage to be who they and you are meant to be and wisdom to listen to those around you who have been there before.

Be confident in your abilities and choices. Know that you have the strength and confidence inside each of you when confronted with the challenges of the day. To find out more about Lee Bissonnette; visit her LinkedIn profile.


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